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Copenhagen is a charming city with delicious food in charming venues.  We enthusiastically recommend the Free Walking Tour of the city. We stayed at the Westin Grand, where we used our points, and used the well-run Copenhagen Metro to get around. Save your appetite for Laura's Bakery 17 Linnesgade, a special dining spot in the culinary mecca, Torvehallerne Market. Fabulous morning pastries, kanelsnegle (intensely spiced cinnamon rolls), and Pop-Tart-like hindbaersnitters. You will never ... Continue Reading


Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, is an enchanting city comprised of fourteen islands of the vast Stockholm archipelago on the Baltic Sea. There are views of water from every vantage point, sparkling on sunny days. People travel on foot over the fifty bridges or by ferry, a quick, delightful, inexpensive mode of transportation.  The Moderna Museet has one of the world's best collections of art, spanning from 1900 to the present day.     The Thiel Gallery, in a ... Continue Reading


We had lived in the Zehlendorf neighborhood of Berlin for half a year with our young children in 1972, when the Berlin Wall separated East from West, during a period of détente.  This visit was our first to unified Germany under the outstanding leadership of Chancellor Angela Merkel.  She spoke to a huge cheering crowd, estimated by the BBC at 5,000 people,  at the Brandenburg Gate during our visit, which was thrilling for us.  She began her speech by saying the 100,000 Jews living in ... Continue Reading